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4 Electrical Tips To Keep Your Home Safe This Spring

While spring comes with warm weather and sunshine, it also brings its fair share of electrical hazards. Keep your home and loved ones safe this season with these simple tips from our Calgary electrician.

Knowing the symptoms of an electrical problem can help you make quick repairs to prevent dangerous situations that may lead to electrocution or damaged property. While you may be tempted to do-it-yourself, it’s always best to call in a professional electrician.

Here are some signs that you may need electrical services in your home:

  • flickering lights
  • hot ceiling fixtures
  • electric shocks
  • burning odour or sparks

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4 Electrical Safety Tips For Spring

With spring fast approaching, the sunshine is starting to come out and you’re likely to be spending more time outdoors. Make sure to follow these simple electrical spring safety tips to keep you and your family safe while having fun.

1. Review the Electrical Wiring and Appliances in Your Home

Spring is the right time to start inspecting all your outdoor wiring and appliances around your home. If you have a pool, hot-tub, or any other outdoor appliance, make sure that they are free of any loose electrical wires and cords. Remember: water and electricity do not mix!

Safety Tips For Outdoor Appliances

  • Make sure all electrical connections to your pools and hot tubs are fully grounded.
  • Use water-resistant outlet covers on all outdoor receptacles near swimming pools/hot tubs.
  • Never plug in any appliance if you notice the cord is frayed or damaged in any way.
  • Keep any electrical toys or appliances away from water and NEVER handle electrical items when you’re wet.


2. Clean Your Stove Exhaust Hood

After cooking consecutively indoors for the past few months, spring cleanings is the perfect time to take a look at your exhaust hood. Food debris, oil, and dust can build up inside this space and result in an accidental home fire.

To clean it:

  • remove the hood
  • clean the filter
  • use a degreaser on any exposed surfaces
  • replace the hood

Also spend time checking and cleaning other appliances such as dryer ducts, heaters, or other appliances you used frequently during the winter.


3. Be Aware When Doing Yard Work

The best part about spring is that it brings blooms of new flowers and greenery. It also gives you a chance for new landscaping, but it’s important to do this carefully and plan before starting any major project.

When you’re starting to dig, watch out for:

  • buried wires
  • piping
  • gas mains
  • water mains

What to do: Contact your power and utility company, or a certified electrician, as they may be able to inform you of any potential hazards on your property. In addition, don’t forget those overhead lines when trimming trees! ALWAYS look up and out before proceeding.


4. Inspect Your Lawn and Landscaping Equipment

In addition to new landscaping, spring is great to catch up on your lawn care. If you’re using an electrical equipment such as lawn-mowers, hedge trimmers, or other tools to clean up your garden, ensure they’re safe and ready to use before putting them to work.


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