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Lighting Maintenance Programs

As an experienced commercial lighting company, FM Lighting & Electrical understands the importance of working with our clients to build the most time-efficient and cost-effective program that meets all your lighting installation and maintenance needs. 

From replacement lighting products to new lighting installation projects, FM Lighting & Electrical is able to offer a comprehensive maintenance service to ensure that all your lighting needs are taken care of!

Our Lighting Maintenance Program

At FM Lighting & Electrical, our all-inclusive service and maintenance options mean that you never have to worry about scheduling appointments to have your lighting products checked or repaired.

Some of the benefits our lighting maintenance clients receive include:

1. Exceptional Customer Service

As a residential or commercial lighting maintenance client, you can rest assured that our team takes the time to understand your organization, the needs of your home/facility and are committed to providing the right solutions for you.

Whether it is lighting installation or products that need replacing, exceptional service is our core value and commitment to you.

2. Ongoing Communication

Our goal is to provide transparent and efficient lighting maintenance. We provide fast responses, clear communication that allow you to check on your maintenance projects at any time.

3. Great Results

Our commercial and residential lighting maintenance program helps you reap the benefits of consistent lighting and budgetary consistency. With our comprehensive lighting solutions, installation, maintenance, and management of fixture repairs are all taken care of, giving you total peace of mind.


Customized Residential/Commercial Lighting Plan

Lighting maintenance is the best way to improve your lighting system while reducing overall costs. By scheduling regular maintenance, you ensure that your home or office is operating at peak efficiency.

Designed to meet your every requirement and exceed your expectations, our customized residential/commercial lighting maintenance programs will showcase your brand, improve efficiency, increase security and enhance the environment of your home or office.

Contact our team today and we can help create a lighting maintenance plan suited to your specific needs and budget.


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To learn more about our maintenance program including lighting installation or replacement lighting products, contact our Calgary office today at 403-863-8529.

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